Saturday, June 07, 1986

Judas Priest - New Haven, CT - 1986-06-07

Judas Priest with Dokken, Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, June 7, 1986

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The band was touring behind Turbo, which to me was the start of their long decline. The show was over the top, though, and included "Turbo Tessie" - a giant robot stage prop, Halford in S&M gear and on a Harley and lots of dueling lead guitars.

Ahhh....metal madness.

For the record, the support act Dokken...I think they were the warm-up band on half the shows I caught in the 80s...I saw them more times than bands I actually liked.

A bizarre highlight from this show - the fans rioted, well not really "rioted"...a bunch of seats were torn loose and thrown around and the melee was blamed for a subsequent increase in ticket prices as the cost of insurance was said to have gone up after that show.