Thursday, August 27, 1987

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - New Haven, CT - 1987-08-27

Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, August 26, 1987

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1987 was a fun summer of live shows for me...Neil and the Horse, CSN later that same week, Boston, Grateful Dead, Ace Frehley, Roger Waters...and that was just July / August / September. Good times...

This was my first Neil show and when I go back and listen to it I have to say its not just the nostalgia talking...this show was phenomenal. It was a tour he did with Crazy Horse right before "This Note's For You" came out and they played some of the new songs (and drag out Ben Keith and Larry Cragg on saxes for them) which sound terrific. And he just rips through his songbook.

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