Saturday, July 09, 1988

Wild Thyme - Hamden, CT -

OK, so in high school I was always in a band. There were a core few of us that played together and then a bunch of other people revolving in and out of the line-up. We pretty much always used one of two names: Wild Thyme and Indigo Sun (c'mon, gimme a break, we were in high school!). We wrote songs but really the bulk of our sets were covers - Dead, Stones, Neil Young and sometimes more out there stuff. Our originals were usually straight-forward rock songs but even those could get bizarre sometimes...One day in the summer of 1998 we had a little party/cookout/jam session in my parents' backyard. In addition to our usually fare we kicked out a couple of instrumental jams which I am posting here for your amusement...

Enjoy. And visit us on MySpace. Why not? I even posted some songs from our studio demos. Ha.

Wild Thyme, Hamden, CT, July 9, 1988
Peter Pan
Indian Snow