Friday, August 05, 1988

Crosby, Stills and Nash - Bristol, CT - 1988-08-05

Crosby, Stills and Nash at Lake Compounce, Bristol, Connecticut, August 5, 1988.

This place had a good run as a concert venue over the years, as mentioned in some other posts...

I had seen CSN the previous summer in Hartford and it was just phenomenal...this show was decidedly not phenomenal, but it was pretty good. They played much more new material, which I really just don't want to hear them do...

Love The One You're With
Pre-Road Downs
Just A Song Before I Go
The Lee Shore
Nighttime For The Generals
That Girl
Wind On The Water
Wooden Ships
Wasted On The Way
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
band introductions
Dark Star
Soldiers Of Peace
Monkey & The Underdog
For What It's Worth
Long Time Gone
Southern Cross
Encore: Our House

disc one
disc two