Tuesday, September 05, 1989

Jerry Garcia Band - Hartford, CT - 1989-09-05

Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman at the Civic Center in Hartford, CT, September 5, 1989.

Bob and Rob opened for the Garcia Band on this late summer/early fall tour. I was originally planning on posting a Garcia track but decided to show Bob some love and will dish up some Jerry later this week from another show.

I really enjoyed Bob's sets at these shows and with Wasserman in the years that followed. There is a decent live album from the mid-90s the two of them put out, too, though I think it is out of print...

Weir's songs are interesting, always a little off-beat musically. I like that they are not straight-ahead and simple...

K.C. Moan
Desolation Row >
Looks Like Rain
The Winners
Victim Or The Crime >
Bass Solo >
Throwing Stones

Here is a link to a Torrent of the Bob & Rob set.