Sunday, February 04, 1990

B.B. King - New Haven, CT - 1990-02-04

B.B. King at the Palace Theater, New Haven, CT, February 4, 1990.

What a fun show this was...for some reason seeing B.B. seemed like such a big deal at the time. New Haven's then-mayor, John Daniels, was in the audience and B.B. spoke to and referred to him throughout the show. Daniels is the only African-American (so far) to have been mayor of New Haven and B.B. made sure the audience new how important that was.

I had seen B.B. two years earlier at the Palace and had the chance to meet him and get his autograph after that show. He was so gracious about it, hanging out until everyone there had their chance to say "hello" to him. He actually seemed to enjoy it...

BB King - Guitar & Vocals
Calep Emphrey - Drums
Michael Doster - Bass
Walter King - Saxophone
James Tony- Keys
Leon Warren - Guitar
James Bolden - Trumpet

1. Six Pack
2. Instrumental in A flat
3. Instrumental in A flat continued
4. Introduction > Let The Good Times Roll
5. When It All Comes Down (this track is damaged..major digi drops throughout)
6. Caldonia
7. Darling, You Know I Love you
8. Ain't Noboby's Business (If I Do)
9. Why I Sing The Blues
10. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
11. Don't Answer The Door
12. Outside Help
13. The Thrill Is Gone

I taped this show from the balcony.