Sunday, September 16, 1990

Annie Haslam - New Haven, CT - 1990-09-16

Annie Haslam at the Cape Codder Cafe in New Haven, CT on September 16, 1990 (late show).

Annie was the lead singer for 70s folk/prog band Renaissance. Originally "...founded in 1969 by ex-Yardbirds members Keith Relf and Jim McCarty as a sort of progressive folk-rock band..." (AMG), Annie was lead singer for the more prominent version of the group which recorded and toured mainly for the ten year period starting in 1972.

The photo shown here is from a bootleg CD made from a recording of Annie's solo band in New Haven in 1990. The show consisted of classic Renaissance tracks and material from her then-current solo album on Epic. This was issued as a commercial bootleg but credited to Renaissance as Annie's name probably did not mean much on its own...Click that blue box there if you want it...

Set list:
Moonlight Shadow
The Angels Cry
One More Arrow
Carpet of the Sun
Ocean Gypsy
Mother Russia
When a Heart Finds Another
Wildest Dreams
Wishin' on a Star
Ashes Are Burning