Thursday, September 26, 1991

Grateful Dead - Boston, MA - 1991-09-26

Grateful Dead, Boston Garden, Boston, MA, September 26, 1991.

Yahoooooo! What a show! What a night! The old Boston Garden! And a peak show of the Hornsby era...all of the spark and playfulness he brought to the band.

I kind of lost the love after Hornsby left, though the fall '93 tour had its moments. It was really sad to watch them peter out, especially after the resurgence of '87-'91. In retrospect, ploughing on after Brent's death seems not only insensitive, but damaging to them psychically.

Let's leave on the high note, though...after this show me and my buddy Steve drank a case of beer and built a tower with the cans in the hotel's elevator. Ha.

Set I
Jack Straw
Cold Rain and Snow
Wang Dang Doodle
Mexicali Blues
Cumberland Blues
Picasso Moon
Box of Rain
Set II
Dark Star
Saint of Circumstance
Eyes of the World
The Other One
Dark Star
Attics of My Life
Good Lovin'
Brokedown Palace
We Bid You Goodnight

Notes from
final/last "We Bid You Goodnight": 07-14-90 [107 shows]

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