Wednesday, May 06, 1992

Eric Clapton - Hartford, CT - 1992-05-06

Eric Clapton at the Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT.

This is the second time I saw Clapton in Hartford, the first was on the Journeyman tour in 1990. At the time of this show, I was actually kinda disappointed and since then I always preferred the 1990 show...

I recently acquired this recording, though, and the show is much better, much ballsier, than I remember it being. I poked around on some Clapton fan sites and it seems to have quite a reputation with the fans, too.

Huh. Go figure.

White Room
Anything For Your Love
I Shot The Sheriff
Running On Faith
She's Waiting
Circus Left Town
Tears In Heaven
Before You Accuse Me
Tearing Us Apart
Old Love
Wonderful Tonight
Band Intro / Crossroads
Sunshine Of Your Love

Download the show