Thursday, March 18, 1993

Gerry Mulligan - Bridgeport, CT - 1993-03-18

Gerry Mulligan at Mertens Theatre, Bernhard Centre, University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT, March 18, 1993

In 1992, Gerry Mulligan was named the guest composer at the 1992-1993 Mertens Contemporary American Composer's Festival at the University of Bridgeport, in Connecticut. The festival, which was started in the early 70s, honors significant American composers, and winners have included Aaron Copland, Stephen Sondheim, and Leonard Bernstein. Mulligan was only the second jazz composer to be honored by the festival; Dave Brubeck being the first, in 1979-1980.

The show these recordings are from was the headline event of the festival - a concert, performed by university faculty and, led by Mulligan. He held an open rehearsal that afternoon where they worked up his arrangements and compositions.

Mulligan had, only the year before, returned to his "cool" era by revisiting many of the songs and musicians featured on Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool. Gerry's 1992 record, Re-Birth of the Cool, was supposed to feature Miles himself but he died before he could lay down any tracks.

Enjoy the downloads.

Disc One
Disc Two