Friday, July 02, 1993

Mick Taylor - New Haven, CT - 1993-07-02

Mick Taylor at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT on July 2, 1993.

This Mick Taylor show was a mixed bag. On the one hand, we were so incredibly jazzed to be seeing the guy behind some of our favorite Stones moments but on the other we flat out had no idea what to expect. Could he still play? What would he play? Was he a sloppy drunk?

The show turned out to be fairly run-of-the-mill "electric blues-rock", albeit with some great soloing by Mick. Lots of jams running well over 10 minutes. Upon revisiting the show for today's post it has to be conceded that it holds up as well as any Hot Tuna show from the same period, if that tells you anything...

Set list:
Ride With Me
Badmouth Moma
Hoodoo Thing
How It Feels
Ice Pick’s Confession
Fed Up With The Blues-You Shook Me
My Little Machine
Stop Breaking Down
Blues In The Morning
Cairo Motel
Band introduction
You Don’t Miss Your Water

East Coast Tour Line-up:
Mick Taylor (voc, gtr)
Jimmy Woods (voc, harm)
Jimmy King (gtr)
Gregory Boaz (bass)
George Kelly (dr)

Disc one
Disc two