Saturday, December 11, 1993

Zero - Hartford, CT - 1993-12-11

Zero, Blue Star Cafe, Hartford, CT, December 11, 1993

I really loved these guys throughout the early/mid-90s...either they petered out around the turn of the century, I lost touch with them, or both. I recently heard they reunited earlier this year and are now back to touring pretty regularly, though they've yet to do a proper East Coast run it seems...

Over the years Zero's been made up of players from many Bay-area bands, including Quicksilver, Hot Tuna, Grateful Dead, Legion of Mary and others. Robert Hunter has been their primary lyricist. They definitely have the Bay-area vibe, but I almost think of them as old guy music. Its the same crowd that goes to see Hot Tuna or the Jayhawks...older music fans, with a hippy/biker slant...microbrew kinda crowd.

Don't let that stop you from giving them a listen - and let me know if you've seen them since they've been back together...

Zero: Gregg's Egg's
from the Blue Star Cafe, Hartford, CT, December 11, 1993