Saturday, June 07, 1997

The Lazenbys - New Haven, CT - 1997-06-07

The Lazenbys were an experimental musician's collective based in New Haven, CT that I played with for a couple of years in the 1990s. Nearly every performance featured a different line-up, from duo settings to septets. Due to the total improvisational nature of the music made by The Lazenbys, the group only performed together on-stage, in front of an audience. There has never been a Lazenbys rehearsal. Make of that what you will.

We were heavily influenced by ambient music, free jazz, Japanese noise rock and other less esoteric sources - and believe it or not it was nowhere near as pretentious as it sounds! At times there was a very playful element to what we did, especially in some of the spoken word parts of our performances. As you might imagines, sometimes the music sucked, other times it soared.

The music was fun and exhilarating to make, especially in front of a live audience. The Lazenbys were voted one of the top three instrumental bands in the New Haven Advocate readers poll in 1998. Who knows what that means other than there were two other bands doing this stuff?!

The lineup for this performance was a septet consisting of:

Micah Anderson - guitar, harmonium, clarinet, Tibetan bowls
Ed Flynn – guitar & bells
Larry Peryer – keys, programming & bells
Isaac Cates – spoken word
Jeff Day - bass
Jerry Issel - DJ
Ed Kasparek – drums

The Lazenbys - a 45-minute chunk of our set
from The Neverending Bookstore, New Haven, CT, June 7, 1997