Saturday, July 04, 1998

The Other Ones - Saratoga Springs, NY - 1998-07-04

The Other Ones with support act Hot Tuna at the Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York on July 4, 1998.

We were at the beginning of a camping and concert-going road trip throughout upstate NY and New England when we rolled into SPAC for this show. Rained like hell the night before and day of show but by curtain time things cleared up, if memory serves.

This was part of the "Further 98" tour which was pretty much a reunion tour for most of the guys from the Grateful Dead: Phil Lesh, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart (the band was rounded out with Bruce Hornsby singing and playing piano, Mark Karan and Steve Kimock on guitars, John Molo from Hornsby's band on drums and Dave Ellis on sax).

Being the Fourth of July and all Phil opened the show with U.S. Blues. He was still coming into his own as a lead singer at this point and his voice is a little, um....flat, but it was an amped up way to get the show going. For us the highlight of the show was a pretty stunning Bird Song, which we have made available as an MP3 here.

These guys haven't been able to keep it together, despite an obvious love for each other a deep shared history. If you read between the lines of their various interviews and the more recent books about the Grateful Dead, it seems pretty apparent that Garcia was the sun they all revolved around and his no-nonsense way of viewing the world kept them all on the same side, united, when it came to some of the hare-brained schemes they undertook or considered. Since his passing it seems not a year goes by where there isn't some controversy amongst the surviving members (hell, even when it came to defining who the "surviving members" include!). Anyone remember Mickey Hart saying Phil "might have gotten the liver of a jerk" when they disagreed about how to handle the band's vault in the late 90s?

Anyway, that stuff has nothing to do with the music and that's all we really care about at the end of the day (maybe the beginning and middle, too).


Hot Tuna
Fools Blues
Walkin' Blues
I Am The Light Of This World
Uncle Sam Blues
It's Just My Way
Hit Single #1
Baby What You Want Me To Do

The Other Ones
U.S. Blues
Hell In A Bucket
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On The Mountain
Mountains Of The Moon
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Looks Like Rain
The Way It Is
Bird Song
The Other One >
Drums >
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
One More Saturday Night

Hot Tuna's set also includes their set from July 1, 1998
The Other Ones Disc One
The Other Ones Disc Two