Saturday, March 20, 1999

Allman Brothers Band - New York, NY - 1999-03-20

Allman Brothers Band, Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, March 20, 1999

At the time I thought this was the worst Allmans show I ever saw - and I've seen a few.

OK, and I still think that eight years later, not that it didn't have its moments - more on those below.

This was really a tough time for the Allmans: they hadn't stabilized the second guitar slot since Warren Haynes left and Dickey was close to being through as well. Jack Pearson was at the end of his two-year tenure as second lead. In fact, this Beacon run made up his final shows with the band. Dickey was out, due to drugs, drink or something else entirely depending upon what gossip you are partial to, by the following summer.

The promised highlights...Frankly they are hard to find not because this show sucked but because it was all so damn competent (possibly the worst praise you can give a band, in my book). One thing that stood out then and is apparent from the recordings: Dickey was relying almost entirely on his signature guitar lines and gimmicks. He was not inventing anything at all, even with a set list the seemed designed to showcase him.

So I am choosing today's tracks from flashes of greatness in an otherwise dull evening as well as some songs of theirs that are longtime personal favorites of mine. The Allmans hold a special place for me. They take me back to a few specific eras of my life that for how distant they feel now, may have been someone else's lifetime.


Allman Brothers Band - five tracks spanning the set
from the Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, March 20, 1999