Tuesday, June 11, 2002

David Bowie - New York, NY - 2002-06-11

David Bowie, Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, June 11, 2002.

Bowie performed this show the night of the day his album Heathen was released in 2002. The show was a "member's only" concert for subscribers to BowieNet, his online community.

The first set consisted of the entire Low album, performed in running order from the record, with David playing saxophone, keyboards and harmonica.

The second set was the entire Heathen record, in order, with an encore set of some 'hits'.

The full set list:

    01. Speed Of Life.
    02. Breaking Glass.
    03. What In The World.
    04. Sound And Vision.
    05. Always Crashing In The Same Car.
    06. Be My Wife.
    07. A New Career In A New Town.
    08. Warszawa.
    09. Art Decade.
    10. Weeping Wall.
    11. Subterraneans.

    12. Sunday.
    13. Cactus.
    14. Slip Away.
    15. Slow Burn.
    16. Afraid.
    17. I've Been Waiting For You.
    18. I Would Be Your Slave.
    19. I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship.
    20. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone.
    21. Everyone Says Hi.
    22. A Better Future.
    23. Heathen (The Rays).

    24. Hallo Spaceboy.
    25. Ashes To Ashes.
    26. Fashion.
    27. I'm Afraid Of Americans.

If you are interested, fan site Bowie Wonder World offers these descriptions of the set and David's attire:
"The stage set had the words BOWIE picked up in glowing white spotlights at the back of the stage, along with big candles placed at the front...David dressed a la The Thin White Duke circa 1976 with a black waistcoat and trousers, matching tie and crisp white shirt for the 'Low' period of the show...Later he changed into a Burberry Tweed 3 piece suit to perform the brand new songs from the Heathen album...When David returned for the encore, he wore a bright red frock coat, black silk shirt and huge platform shoes..."

A whole ton of photos from the show can be perused here, on the WireImage website.

David Bowie, Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, June 11, 2002 Set One

David Bowie, Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, June 11, 2002 Set Two and Encores