Thursday, October 31, 2002

Beck and the Flaming Lips - New York, NY - 2002-10-31

Beck and the Flaming Lips at the Beacon Theatre, in New York, NY on Halloween 2002.

Here are some excerpts from an review of the show:
"A sheep is dancing with an angel down the Beacon's opulent staircase. At the bar, Buckethead is doing tequila shots with a suspiciously blonde Meg White. A group of hobbits are queuing for the loo. None of them are real, of course, because it's Halloween. But with The Flaming Lips in the house... well, you can never be too sure...Tonight, they appear onstage in the company of a dozen humanoids in animal costumes. The creatures dance and wave torches while Wayne Coyne does his gentlemanly best to make this gig into a cross between a children's party and a cult communion. His fake blood/puppet routine is wearing a bit thin, but Wayne spices things up by taking birthday dedications from the audience and kicking inflatable balls off the edge of the stage. It's all perfectly absurd, but coupled with the exalted beauty of songs like 'Are You A Hypnotist??' and 'A Spoonful Weighs A Ton', the circus-like atmosphere takes on a magical and life-affirming quality. As always, the Lips tread an inspired line between wise and infantile, joyful and profound, while Wayne radiates goodwill like a deranged Santa/Christ figure. "We play every song like it's an encore!" he declares, picking up a dry ice machine and blasting himself in the face. When they finish after only five songs, it's like the plug's been pulled on everyone's carousel...Beck steps onstage. Alone, under a single spotlight, he doles out melancholy with the gut-wrenching 'Guess I'm Doing Fine' and 'Bottle of Blues' before launching into a beautifully haunting version of the Lips' 'Do You Realize??' Then the lights come up, and the Olklahoman trio themselves appear behind a screen, poised to take on backing band's hard to beat the sight of Wayne Coyne and Beck waltzing across the stage and slapping each other's arses....Wayne is having so much fun he threatens to upstage the headline attraction - punching the air and jumping around during even the saddest songs. The Lips just don't do grim..."

1. Guess I’m Doing Fine
2. Lazy Flies
3. Bottle of Blues
4. Sunday Sun
5. Do You Realize - The Golden Age
6. Lord Only Knows
7. Tropicalia
8. Get Real Paid
9. Cold Brains
10. It’s All in Your Mind
11. Lonesome Tears
12. Loser
13. Little One
14. Round the Bend
15. Lost Cause
16. Where it’s At
17. Paper Tiger
18. Nicotine & Gravy
19. Devil’s Haircut

I have the Beck set, if you have the Flaming Lips one, please leave a comment here or please upload it to me. Thanks.