Saturday, November 16, 2002

The Other Ones - Albany, NY - 2002-11-16

The Other Ones, Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY, on November 16, 2002...

Fun tour, this was. I caught it twice - one show without Susan Tedeschi (this one) and once with a week or so later.

You can do the "its not the same"-thing all day long, some folks probably do. Masters of the obvious, I guess. A good show by a good band is all I want for my admission price, though, and more often than not the remnants, in whatever configuration, deliver.

This night there were several highlights, some great playing, but two points really stand out: A smoking take on The Eleven in the first set and a really pretty Stella Blue to close out Set II.


The Other Ones: The Eleven and Stella Blue (instrumental)
from: Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY, November 16, 2002