Saturday, June 21, 2003

The Dead with Steve Winwood - Hartford, CT - 2003-06-21

The Dead with Steve Winwood at the Meadows Music Theatre in Hartford, CT on June 21, 2003.

For this tour The Dead were:

Phil Lesh
Mickey Hart
Billy Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Joan Osborne
Jimmy Herring
Rob Barraco
Jeff Chiment

Not too shabby, there was some nice playing. The Other Ones and The Dead, 90% of the time, sounded better than the Grateful Dead did from about 92 - on...its always great to see the guys and hear the songs, though I don't know if I would go again. Even as much as I love Phil & Friends, I find it hard to muster up the motivation to go...

I don't have a setlist for Winwood's set but do have the show available for download! Its jam-packed, with an emphasis on jams and Traffic hits...a great set.

The Dead's set:

Set 1:
Milestones Jam> M
ississippi 1/2 Step (P+J)>
@Me & Bobby McGee (Joan joins on verse 2),
*%Iko-Iko (Mickey),
*%Low Spark (Steve vocals),
#A Little Peace For You (P+J),
The Wheel (Phil, Bob, Joan),
Touch of Grey (Bob)

Set 2:
Feel Like A Stranger ,
Scarlet Begonias (Bob)>
Hard to Handle (J+B)>
Night of 1000 Stars (Joan)>
%Sugaree (Joan),
%St Stephen>
%William Tell Bridge (Bob, Jeff, Rob)>
Playin' in the Band>
Midnight Hour (B+J)>
Playin' Reprise

One More Saturday Night

@Bobby on acoustic
#New Phil song at the time
*with Steve Winwood & % Randall Bramlett (horn player from Winwood's band)

Steve Winwood - download
The Dead - download disc one
The Dead - download disc two
The Dead - download disc three