Thursday, July 10, 2003

Steel Pulse - New Haven, CT - 2003-07-10

Steel Pulse at Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, July 10, 2003.

Toads Place, New Haven, CT, on this day in 2003...first time we saw these paragons of British Reggae...hard to believe a band almost 30 years on could rock so hard. Steel Pulse has done a great job of adding to their sound over the years while staying true to the message of their political and religious beliefs. Over-the-top energy level in the room, has a great set of photos from this show (the image at the left is from their site). Click here to see all of their shots from that night.


Disc One
1.New Intro Medley
(Prodigal/Chant A Psalm/Bad Man/Macca Splaff/Nyabinghi/Dont Give Up)
2.Rally Round
3.Sound System
4.Blessed Is The Man
5.Tight Rope
6.State Of Emergency
7.Build A Nation
8.Wild Goose Chase
9.Find It...Quick
10.Roller Skates
11.Not King James
12.Back To My Roots
13.Chant A Psalm

Disc Two (encores)
2.Earth Crisis
3.Heart Of Stone
4.25 yrs of steel pulse
6.Caught You Dancin'