Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Paul Stanley - New York, NY - 2006-10-18

Paul Stanley at Irving Plaza, October 18, 2006

I'm never ashamed to go out for some big dumb rock, and it doesn't get bigger or dumber than Kiss. I saw Paul Stanley twice on the other solo tour he did in 1989...those shows were definitely better, but mainly because he didn't have a record to push at the time so there were no new songs to sit through, it was all hits. This was a fun night, though, with Paul dusting off some Kiss gems. The photo here says "Atlanta" but it was the same set here in NYC.

The crowd was old-school, with lots of old dudes and quite a few who reminded me of comic book store guy from the Simpsons...Is that what I've become? Is that what I've always been?!

A buddy already has a recording of the show which he's sending the meantime here are original versions of some of the cuts he played:

Kiss: Got to Choose
from Hotter Than Hell
Kiss: I Want You
from Rock and Roll Over
Paul Stanley: Tonight You Belong To Me
from his KISS solo album