Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Brian Wilson - New York, NY - 2006-11-21


And if the recent setlists are any indication, it looks to be an epic night...dug this up from the message board on his site - it is the running order from about a week ago in Boston...

I have heard a lot of mixed things about his shows - everything from "they are sublime" to "kinda sad - he gets confused"...If you've seen him, let me know. No matter what, I am looking forward to Pet Sounds in its entirety...


Have you ever:
  1. lost someone you love?
  2. been betrayed by someone you trusted?
  3. been so ill-at-ease that you couldn't leave your bed?
Of course you have, but all at once?

Brian Wilson has, and the fact that he can still get on a stage, in front of people, and sing the way he does and preach a message of love and positivity the way he does is nothing short of astounding.

I went to this with such low expectations, having been counseled that this was the only way to not be disappointed. But the will, dignity and soul I saw on display from that man had me literally choking back tears more than once, dreading that the people I was with were going to see my eyes watered up from a concert.

Al Jardine, an original Beach Boy, joined Brian for most of the show and his voice added so much. All night I had obsessive thoughts over and over about all they, and especially Brian, had been through. The catalog of heartbreak is staggering: abusive father, creative torment, the pressure of success, the drugs, the mental collapse, the exploitation by friends, family and advisors, the death of brothers...and I thought more than once about my own tragedies, heartbreaks and disappointments and how my life has been shaped by these events. Seeing his grace makes me ashamed now to give in to cynicism, irony and self-pity.

There were some stellar musical highlights in the almost 3-hour program: "Add Some Music" and "Do You Wanna Dance" were terrific. "And Then She Kissed Me" and "Sail On Sailor"...and what goes through his mind when he sings "In My Room"? To say nothing of the complete Pet Sounds...he was genuinely embarrassed by the standing ovation he received after "God Only Knows".

Brian Wilson is the epitome of cool. Believe it.