Monday, March 26, 2007

Friars Club Soupy Sales Tribute - New York, NY - 2007-03-26

Tonight I attended the 81st birthday party for Soupy Salesat the Friar's Club here in New York City.

I know, that doesn't really have anything to do with music (unless you are willing to count his sons Hunt and Tony, who played with Bowiein Tin Machineand Iggy on Lust for Life).

Anyway, it was a blast. The highlight was, if you can believe it, about 10 minutes of Larry Storch. The guy is 84 and funny as all hell. Raunchy, too. All of those old Catskill's-era Jewish comics are the best. Ken Burns needs to do 5 - 10 hours on that time and those people.

And the Friar's Club "Monastery" - holy cow. It was my first time there and man, what a joint. The photos on the walls and the names on various placques...Ali, Sinatra, Henny Youngman...There's even a Milton Berle Room!

Thanks to my buddy, Friar Eddie, for a real treat of a night...