Sunday, November 22, 1998

The Pretty Things - New York, NY - 1998-11-22

I saw the band's first show since 1975 when they played in New York City in November 1998 at the Cavestomp Festival. What a show - what a treat.

If you are not familiar with the Prettys, their place in rock history and why they are so damn cool, check out this from the bio on their website:

"The Pretty Things have been a magnet for controversy since their inception. At a time when the Rolling Stones were seen as the ultimate nonconformists, the Pretty Things made them look tame by comparison. The band members' hair was longer, their lifestyles wilder, and their music louder and more extreme...Born survivors, they continue to command a loyal following without ever compromising their ideals or "bad boy" image."

Indeed. They were badasses. It's not hype, either. Their music was harder and raunchier than the Stones and their behavior was outrageous to the point of getting them banned from whole countries (New Zealand, the one place they had real commercial success)!

Today's tracks are from their 1970 record Parachute, which I just picked up this week...Enjoy.

The Pretty Things - Miss Fay Regrets, Cries from the Midnight Circus and Cold Stone
from Parachute