Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Airplane Reading

A few good articles I came across in flights to and from Vancouver earlier this week...

Geddy Lee's Caption: The Pain of Politics. by Evan Solomon, Globe and Mail, May 26, 2007. Only a preview is available online but this short interview is so worth reading...In the "caption" series the Globe and Mail gives a public figure a photo from the recent news, tells them nothing about the image and then asks them to create a caption based on their interpretation. There is then a brief interview to discuss the caption, how the person arrived at it, to reveal what the photo is of, etc. Geddy's parents were Holocaust survivors and the photo he was given was of a family saying goodbye to each other after the temporary meetings between relatives arranged by the governments of North and South Korea...All I can say is pay the 4.95 Canadian to access this piece online, it is really amamzing.

Digging Back Through the Stax: Dr. King, Isaac Hayes, a country fiddler named Jim, and the little label that could. By David Schimke, Utne Reader, June 2007. A nice capsule history, full article online.

The Sounds of Science: Computer-generated music moves out of the lab. by Alexander Gelfand, The Walrus, June 2007. This article starts by looking at laptop musicians and then puts the movement into the context of mid-20th century electronic/computer/avant-garde music. Only "300 of 2718 words" from the article appear online without registering but a free 10-day trial available at the end of the preview will unlock the whole piece....

All three of these periodicals are available through the Burning Dervish Amazon Store.