Monday, May 14, 2007


As I continue to wade through this month's score from eMusic, I want to post this track, from Parisa, a female vocalist in the Persian Classical tradition...

Parisa's website gives you all of the requsite background info, so I will not repeat that stuff here. I will say this, given her age (born in 1950) and the circumstances of her country during her lifetime, I would love to read something "unofficial" written about how she weathered the years of and immediately following the Revolution in 1979...

The album this track is on is something of a collaboration with, or at least was produced by, Hossein Omoumi, a scholar and teacher of Persian music who has done some interesting work in what I can only think of as ethnomusicology or even musical archeology...he has researched the origins and inner working of several Persian instruments, most notably the ney (the traditional reed flute from Iran) and added physical enhancements to them which allow them to create sounds newer and different from their typical abilities.

I don't know alot about this stuff but enough to be intrigued.


Parisa - Zarbi and Avaz
from Tales of Love