Saturday, June 09, 2007

Voodoo Funk

Another blog I would like to feature - "Voodoo Funk: Record Digging in West Africa - Sounds and Experiences from the motherland"

The guy who runs this site gives his profession as "vinyl archeologist"...from his profile and blog mission statement:
"I...left Europe to dig up funk records even more obscure and elusive than US Funk 45s: I moved to Guinea on the coast of West Africa where I retired as a DJ and dedicated my entire time to the pursuit of African Funk Records. This blog is about my travels and experiences in a region that despite being plagued by civil wars corrupt governments and other diseases has so much more to offer. Maybe this site will even inspire You to buy a plane ticket and come to visit where we all came from. You might even find things more valuable than the rarest records and sometimes you won't even have to dig through dusty boxes to find them."

Now how about that? Check out Voodoo Funk - you'll find the occassional MP3 download of the DJ mixes that he assembles from his finds, too.