Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kayhan Kalhor & Ali Akbar Moradi

I downloaded this CD on a whim from eMusic and it is one of my recent favorites. I cannot pretend to know much about these two performers (yet) so let me quote and link to other sources...

Wikipedia says this about Kayhan Kalhor:
"Kayhan Kalhor is an Iranian kamancheh player of Kurdish descent...Kalhor consciously pins Persian classical music structures to the rich folk modes and melodies of Northern Khorasan, the cultural heart of historic Persia and a bridge to Central Asia. Kayhan Kalhor's music speaks from an ancient Persian tradition while sounding timeless and spiritually invigorating today...Kalhor was born in Tehran (1963). At seven years of age, he began studying music under Ahmad Mohajer. By thirteen years of age, Kalhor was playing in the National Orchestra of Radio and Television of Iran...Kalhor studied radif in addition to the different types of music in northeastern and western Iran under various musical teachers. He later and moved to Rome and Ottawa to study Western classical music...Because of his wide range of musical influences, Kalhor's style is sometimes considered radical in that it combines multiple elements from many different musical styles. He uses different musical instruments and crosses many cultural borders with his work..."

And this about Ali Akbar Moradi:
"Ali Akbar Moradi is a well known Kurdish Iranian musician and composer. He was born in Kermanshah in western Iran...and learned the Kurdish maqam repertoire and tanbur (Kurdish lute) under the supervision of Kurdish masters such as Mirza Sayyed Ali Kafashyan, Kaki Allah Morad Hamidi and Sayyed Vali Hosseyni. He gave his first recital in 1971 in Kermanshah...and performed throughout Europe and North America. He is an expert on the tanbur instrument, which is considered sacred in Kurdish sufi music..."

For more info, Google Kayhan Kalhor and Ali Akbar Moradi individually.

Kayhan Kalhor & Ali Akbar Moradi - Majnooni-Bedaah-e bar Asaas-e Nag and Choopi
from In the Mirror of the Sky