Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Disclaimer: I came very close to ignoring this band entirely because they use "emo" to describe themselves on MySpace...I mean, does the world need anymore of that?

But of course, I can't help myself so I gave it a listen.

I get a few inquiries a week through my website from artists asking me to check out their stuff and blog about. Truthfully, very little of it is any good so in the spirit of saying nothing instead of something not good, I usually just reply and say "thanks" and move on.

So anyway...Plushgun...not something I would put on for my own consumption, its sorta white, but the songs are well put together and the production is strong and I feel like these guys have a sense of craft and to me, that is worth recognizing, if not celebrating.

The music has gotten a few nice write-ups online:
on Your Standard Life
on All That She Surveys
on AM Music Blog

And don't forget the obligatory MySpace page.

What do you think?