Monday, September 17, 2007

Barrington Levy: In Dub - The Lost Mixes From King Tubby's Studio

A little over a year ago I was given a hard drive packed full of rare and out-of-print reggae records, 45s, 7-inches, etc. Most of the stuff was encoded from vinyl and many included cover art scans.

I am still making my way through it all.

It has taken me so long that not all of the items remain commercially unavailable. Many I have only seen as expensive imports. Even those readily available through a site like Amazon show little-to-no sales history.

This record seems to be available both as a pricey import but also for about half the import price through some specialty sites. I don't know how that works...Anyway, here are segments of what the label, Aurlux, has to say about the record:
"Towards the end of the 1970s, Jamaican music was changing dramatically -- the roots reggae era had seen the rise of dreadlocked harmony trios singing of sufferation, but by the start of 1979 a different sound transfixed the island as a whole new legion of fresh talent began rising out of Kingston's dancehalls...The most important and best admired vocalist to emerge from the dancehall movement was Barrington Levy, a cool crooner who sang of love, life, enjoyment and hardship in equal measure, and once Barrington hooked up with political 'enforcer' turned record producer Henry 'Junjo' Lawes, the dancehall style reached international prominence. Junjo had been working at Channel One studio with the Roots Radics...about two dozen of their fresh rhythms were voiced by Barrington at King Tubby's legendary studio in Waterhouse...The first dub album to surface from the Barrington Levy sessions was The Big Showdown,, released in 1980 by Greensleeves in the UK; The album has rightly been hailed as a classic, seen in retrospect as one of the last great dub albums of all time. What few realize is that Junjo issued a totally different companion album in Jamaica on Jah Guidance...It used the same sleeve and track listing as the Greensleeves disc but featured ten totally different Barrington Levy dubs, again mixed at King Tubby's studio. Although both discs featured dubs of the tracks 'Reggae Music,' 'Looking My Love' and 'Black Heart Man,' each mix on the Jah Guidance release is distinctly different from that of any other release ever issued; the mixes here are much sparser and rawer, aimed as they were at the Jamaican market. The original Jamaican dub mixes that appeared on the Jah Guidance album have remained an obscure and long sought after dub rarity, unavailable since its original Jamaican release, until now."


Barrington Levy: In Dub - The Lost Mixes From King Tubby's Studio
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