Tuesday, September 11, 2007

McCoy Tyner Trio: Reaching Fourth

Another interesting recording from McCoy's early sessions as a leader...this record is memorable for a few reasons, first and foremost is the line-up: McCoy, teamed with Henry Grimes and Roy Haynes, perhaps the only rhythm section at the time more interesting than the various combinations of bass players Ron Carter, Jimmy Garrison or Art Davis and drummers Elvin Jones and Al Foster. Grimes and Haynes were the right men at the right time for McCoy, as his original compositions were already starting to display that real forcefulness, or sense of propulsion, that his best tracks exhibit.

Memorable also for the appearance of the title track, available here for download. A fine, hard-driving rave-up with some great group interplay and even greater solos from all three.

Although originally released in late 1963, the session for this album was in late '62, only McCoy's second date as a band leader. That fact makes the sound of this record even more impressive.

Reaching Fourth from Reaching Fourth