Sunday, December 23, 2007


In addition to blowing my voice out singing Wheel in the Sky on karaoke, the other highlight of my office holiday party this year was what my secret santa got me: a bootleg disc of the DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist mixtape Brainfreeze and the official DVD release from their subsequent tour, Product Placement.

Why is this so good? Let us consult Wikipedia:
"Brainfreeze was a 1999 live mix album by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist (formerly a member of Jurassic 5). The two tracks of the album are uninterrupted recordings from a live performance where they sampled hit funk, soul, rock and jazz singles from 45 rpm vinyl records. This type of recording was pioneered by the duo Double Dee and Steinski through their "Lessons" (the difference being that the "Lessons" cuts were meticulously edited together from snippets of audio tape, rather than performed live using turntables)."

Click here for the whole entry, it is pretty interesting and includes listings of the records they used in the mixes...

There are two tracks on the bootleg (you can buy this as an import from Amazon but why? It's obviously not legal...):

Brainfreeze, parts one and two