Thursday, January 10, 2008

Amira Saqati - Agdal Reptiles on Majoun

Are you up for a Moroccan Trance Concept Album? I can't say I blame you if you never gave it much thought, but now that I bring it up..?

The people that make up Amira Saqati all hail from the band/collective Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects, who was posted about here back in September.

Let's quote the label's site to describe this record (I will edit this down but I am not going to correct the whacky grammar from the site as it is part and parcel of the effect the album tries to stir up):

"AMïRA SAQATI ( Amïra = a piece of .... , Saqati = a "thing"...slang expression, mostly used as a substitute for rude or offending words = A piece of a thing...a sideprojectband of 4 Aisha Kandisha`s Jarring Effects members, where Maghrebian roots are a general starting point, from where the sound structures are getting developped in different crossover directions...Agdal Reptiles on Majoun, is the story of a snake leaving it`s body to get reincarnated with it`s soul and habits into a Jedba - ( Trance ) musician, leading him to an unknown consciousness of aural sensations and got inspired by " Allal " from Paul Bowles, where a Majoun eater has a strange relationship with a snake and achieves his own reincarnation into the reptiles body and is finally getting killed by the peolple of his village . Agdal normally means garden, but because of a famous psychatric hospital in Marrakech called Agdal, it became another way for the youth to say: crazy or freaked out . Majoun is a dark sticky paste made out of cannabis butter, honey, nuts and spices, with a guaranteed hallucinating side-effect. There might be in both stories or experiences a parallel line of going to the limit of a state of mind with transmutations. Either by becoming the animal or by coming from the animal into the person, captured by Majoun...The music, is in one way the antithesis between a certain image of the transformed subject into a snake and the Majoun Brainfood eaten by the snake to become a human being on Amira Saqati...The synthesis of a romantic Love/Death balance and a political Raï/Algeria/Death related understanding, is up to your ability of following Moroccan Dadaism..."

Interested yet?

Amira Saqati - Jedba from Agdal Reptiles on Majoun