Monday, January 28, 2008

Intensive Care

Got turned on to this one through my site. They wrote in (a while back) and asked me to have a listen at their MySpace page.

I know I have mentioned before that a lot of these types of inquiries come in, and I love getting them, but I do cringe each blog is decidedly not about taste I say in the disclaimer: "I post MP3s as a way to expose other people to music that I dig...", so I am very hesitant to "review" a band's music, endorse them or slam them.

That said, I hear something I like and I want to let people know. Of the tracks on the MySpace page, I am partial to "k", "Memorandom" and "Sirenhorses". It's all a little left-of-center so that alone appeals to me. None of the songs are available for download so pay a visit and listen.