Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Mighty Diamonds - Go Seek Your Rights

From what I can gather online, purists hate this record and I guess I can see why...AMG explains:
"Go Seek Your Rights is the type of calculating release that fuels fans' hatred of major labels. For why bother with the expense of keeping three albums in stock when you can cull a batch of tracks from the bunch, delete the originals, and fob fans off with a single inferior record. Eventually Caroline saw the error of its ways and reissued two of the deleted albums, thus making this set totally dispensable...If your prospects are so poor that you'll only ever be able to afford one Mighty Diamonds album, this is a decent choice. It features the trio at its "classic" peak, its sublime vocals wrapping around stellar cultural numbers and the occasional gorgeous lovers/lovelorn deserve better. And the Mighty Diamonds deserve better than this cash-in."
In fairness, though, this does make a pretty good compilation, given that it contains their classic Right Time in its entirety. You could do worse..

What I dig most about the Mightys are the soulful vocals, just a great harmony group...

The Mighty Diamonds - One Brother Short from Go Seek Your Rights