Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dub Syndicate - Live at the Maritime Hall

Poking around online I saw that a lot of folks either hate Dub Syndicate passionately or even if they do like them, dismiss this record...not being a purist I am free to cherry-pick and there is enough on this record to like to make it worth a listen...a purchase? I don't know...but certainly a listen...from AMG:
"Dub Syndicate played at San Francisco's Maritime Hall in early 2000 as part of an ongoing series of reggae concerts at that venue by top international artists...The Maritime Hall set features tunes drawn from Dub Syndicate albums recorded close to the performance, notably Echomania, Ital Breakfast, and Stoned Immaculate...It's also significant that the live mix at Maritime Hall was realized by Boots Rolf Hughston, rather than Adrian Sherwood...Hughston does a fine job at the board, but that special touch of Sherwood magic -- the feeling of control being gracefully held in the face of encroaching chaos -- is missing...The two highlights of this program, not surprisingly, are the two tracks that sample vocal parts by the late Prince Far I: "Wadada (Means Love)" and, especially, "Glory to God."..."
Download the absolutely sublime Glory to God by Dub Syndicate from Live at the Maritime Hall