Sunday, April 06, 2008

Culture - Cultural Livity aka Live '98

I sat down to write something about this record and hit a like I often do I started Googling around for ideas, things to react to, etc. You have to read the information about this record from the label's website:
"They say that good things come to those who wait. And for anyone who has witnessed the upfull vibes and the powerful spirit of a live Culture performance, they know that this is an experience that will live with you for-Iver. So after more than 20 years as a reggae crusader, the Might Joseph Hill and Culture unleash this masterful CD for all his fans to hold onto worldwide. Year after year the performances have become more powerful. And now finally this beast has been captured on tape and made available to you, oh mighty listener. Behold, for this is no ordinary music. It is the power of the most high, JAH Rastafari. It is powered by the International Herb. I am so proud, I'm Not Ashamed. And you could Never Get Weary as Love Shines Brighter Everyday. We give you A Slice Of Mount Zion because this is The Land Where We Belong. Down In Jamaica. Remember when the Two Sevens Clashed??? We could always See Them A Come. Boy like Christopher Columbus. So come make we fling One Stone because Natty Takin' Over. And we don't no Tribal War. Just love and unity. Equality. Cultural Livity. Open your mind and let the positive spirit of Culture move the I to the higher heights. Open you heart and let love flow. For Jah is great and you have the power to know this. Experience this without fear. It will make you live." downloading:

International Herb by Culture from Cultural Livity