Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jimmy McGriff: April 3, 1936 -- May 24, 2008

They say these things happen in threes and I guess you can say we we lost three giants in pop culture and the arts this weekend: Dick Martin, Sydney Pollack and jazz organ great Jimmy McGriff...

I am not the first, last or most articulate blogger to right about McGriff's passing but man, so many icons of the 50s and 60s are going to start going in the next few years...the jazz world has been losing its greats since at least the 50s, with Bird's passing, but it's old age and its ravages that I think rattle people more than drug abuse, random tragedy or anything else. Jimi, Janis and Jim are one thing, but life after Dylan, Keef and Sir Paul?

All About Jazz has a great bio of McGriff, who died Saturday of complications from MS at the young age of 72. I posted about one of my favorite records, which features McGriff, back in November. Here are three tracks from that album:

Jimmy McGriff & Groove Holmes: The Preacher's Tune, Mozambique and The Boston Whaler
from Giants of the Organ in Concert: The Complete Concert