Friday, June 13, 2008

Johnny Osbourne

"The "Godfather of Dancehall" is the well-deserved moniker for Johnny Osbourne describing his contribution to reggae music as it evolved from the local Jamaican community to the international arena. A string of hits dating from the late sixties through the nineties defines Johnny's longevity and artistic ability...Born and raised in Jones Town, the mecca of dancehalls in Kingston Jamaica, Johnny is a part of the musical fraternity that established the foundation upon which reggae music exists today...Blessed with an eclectic voice, and an unparalleled style, Johnny's music transcends genres and generations. Reggae historian Roger Steffens affirms, "A 25-year career that shows no signs of letting up, from soulful reggae to a massive dancehall catalog, Osbourne's warm voice filled with conviction and yearning, is one of the island's best". After more than 3 decades that sound is distinct and fresh as ever."
- Devon Barnes Sr. (Deeboz Muzik)

Johnny Osbourne: Chopper
from Mr. Budy Bye

Play Play Girl (and Version)
from a Studio One 7" rip

Keep That Light
from a rip of Coxsone 7" SO 0030A