Thursday, July 31, 2008

McCoy Tyner - Focal Point

From the Concord Music Group website:

"After he left John Coltrane's group in the mid-1960s, McCoy Tyner continued to explore the modal territory opened up by Coltrane. His many Milestone albums constitute a sort of library of the modal approach to modern jazz...In some cases, the three horns are multiplied through overdubbing, creating dense and intricate textures...Focal Point has an aura unique to Tyner but different from any of his other recordings."

From All Music Guide:

"...On this CD reissue, Tyner and his 1976 trio (with bassist Charles Fambrough and drummer Eric Gravatt) are joined by a trio of talented reed players (Gary Bartz, Joe Ford, and Ron Bridgewater) and percussionist Guilherme Franco for three of Tyner's originals; in addition, Ford is the only horn on his feature "Theme for Nana," and "Parody" is a Tyner-Gravatt duet...

McCoy Tyner - Mode for Dulcimer
from Focal Point