Thursday, August 14, 2008

Henry Threadgill - Too Much Sugar for a Dime

I have listened to this record hundreds, if not thousands, of times. I owned a book store for a few years and I think I played this record every day the store was open. All Music Guide review:
"Imagine writing for an instrumentation of two electric guitars, two tubas, French horn, drums and Henry Threadgill's alto. Threadgill was up to the challenge and his four avant-garde originals utilize the odd combination of tones to great advantage. Two additional songs feature Threadgill, just one tuba, drums, a few exotic instruments and three strings to create some particularly unusual music. It's for the open-eared listener only."

It is a beautifully composed free jazz record best described by its line-up:

Henry Threadgill — alto saxophone
Simon Shaheen — oud, violin
Jason Hwang — violin
Leroy Jenkins — violin
Edwin Rodriguez — tuba
Marcus Rojas — tuba
Dorian L. Parreott II — tuba
Mark Taylor — French horn
Brandon Ross — guitar (electric & acoustic)
Masujaa — guitar (electric)
Gene Lake — drums
Larry Bright — cymbals, drums
Miguel Urvina — puya, culo, fulia
Johnny Rudas — fulia, puya, culo
Mossa Bildner — vocals
Arenae — vocals

It is noisy, complex, melodic, spooky, energetic...just amazing. Track 2 is the standout for me...

Henry Threadgill - Too Much Sugar for a Dime