Monday, September 22, 2008

Hakim Bey - T.A.Z.

"Hakim Bey" is the pseudonym of the writer/anarchist philosopher Peter Lamborn Wilson. I cannot summarize him well at all. My (strong) suggestion is that you start with his wikipedia the entry and follow the external links...

About T.A.Z., from All Music:
"On T.A.Z., writer Hakim Bey reads excerpts from his book of the same name, a work detailing his beliefs that ancient philosophical concepts (such as the Chinese secret society known as a Tong), coupled with modern elements, will return humanity to makes sense that Bey's readings are accompanied by backing tracks assembled by legendary producer Bill Laswell...For T.A.Z....Laswell constructed ambient, sparse music fusing the sounds of Chinese musician Wu Man with cult guitar hero Buckethead, as well as frequent collaborator Nicky Skopelitis. (Buckethead fans should be forewarned that he plays gentler, more melodic music in the style of his album Colma rather than his usual rapid-fire soloing) The music serves to showcase Bey's voice, which remains at a soothing cadence. His voice never wavers, even when he rabidly excoriates the veneration of police in popular culture, as he does in "Boycott Cop Culture," or when he exhorts listeners to perform pranks in the name of civil disobedience in "Poetic Terrorism."...those looking for a modern equivalent to classic albums by the Last Poets and Gil-Scott Heron should seek T.A.Z. out."
Hakim Bey - T.A.Z.