Monday, October 13, 2008

Axiom Collection - Illuminations

From All Music:
"...Given the eclecticism of the label, this sampler veers wildly between musical styles, with mostly successful results. It opens with the sinuously lovely "Sittel Habayeb," an orchestral piece by the Arabic composer Simon Shaheen. This segues nicely into Material's version of the '70s funk classic "Cosmic Slop," a version which benefits greatly from the presence of drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare. Other high points include pieces by bassist Jonas Hellborg and Indian violinist Shankar. The collection's stylistic diversity is obviously meant as a selling point...this is the sort of willful eclecticism that makes Axiom special."
Full tracklist:
Simon Shaheen - Sittel Habayeb (6:35)
Material - Cosmic Slop (5:15)
Gnawa Music Of Marrakesh - Baba L'Rouami (3:05)
Jonas Hellborg - Saut-e Sarmad (3:28)
Mandingo - Powerhouse (Edit) (4:56)
Sonny Sharrock - As We Used To Sing (7:45)
Fulani Music Of The Gambia - Nayo (3:11)
Ginger Baker - Under Black Skies (6:59)
Shankar - Ragam,Tanam, Pallavi; Ragam : Kapi; Seethalakshmi Talam : 6 3/4 Beats (5:20)
Ronald Shannon Jackson - Elders (Edit) (5:08)
Mandinka Music of the Gambia - Hamaba (4:40)
Shankar - Ragam : Kapi (Edit) (8:02)

Axiom Collection: Illuminations