Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Master Musicians Of Jajouka Feat. Bachir Attar - Apocalypse Across the Sky

Dig this review from Amazon, it is short but speaks volumes about this record:
"Although they'd recorded for the Rolling Stones' Brian Jones and played with jazz supremo Ornette Coleman, Morocco's Master Musicians had never really been caught in true sonic clarity until producer Bill Laswell visited them in their village of Jajouka to document their music. And clear it is; the interplay of instruments, drums, and voices is captured with stunning fidelity...The musicians, under the leadership of Bachir Attar, are in superb form, doing what's been done for almost as long as history itself. They feel the music, making for a natural flow on Attar's compositions, which sound as old as the Rif Mountains where they're performed. If you want to hear the Master Musicians as they really are, this is the record to buy."
The problem? As far as I can tell you can't buy it...but you can get your hands on it...

There is much to the story of the Master Musicians and as you might expect, it is easier than ever to get information on them. The Masters even have their own website! The section, aptly titled "The Story", is a great history of the Musicians.

Of the thirteen tracks on this record, track 3, "El Medahey", is my favorite...I could listen to it for hours...

UPDATE Another in print digitally (at the very least on iTunes and Rhapsody, according to a faithful reader...), as such I am removing the download link...

The Master Musicians Of Jajouka Feat. Bachir Attar - Apocalypse Across the Sky

and a bonus: