Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCoy Tyner - Live in Munich, 07-18-1973

The July '73 European festival appearance recordings are of particular interest given that many were broadcast (and thus live on in fan recordings) and one of them (in Montreaux, was released as the LP Enlightenment). It was a fertile and intense period for McCoy's music...

This show, another FM broadcast, was performed at Jazzclub Domizil Munich, Siegestrasse, German, on July 18, 1973. I believe but cannot verify that the versions below can from a reel-to-reel master recording of the FM broadcast which were themselves transferred to digital. I have no information as to any processing or EQ applied to the recordings. My ears say "none".

Though each version below is simply one long MP3, this is what the source info I found details:

1. Radio Announcer Intro>unknown [18:48]
2. unknown [8:43]*
3. unknown [21:13]
4. bass solo [4:44]
5. unknown>Radio Announcer Outro [6:20]
* few seconds FM drop outs at the end of the tune (Receiver Connection problems)

The "unknowns" are basically the segments of what came to be known as the "Enlightenment Suite"...

I am including two versions for download, since I have two. They are exactly the same in length and from what I can hear, lineage.

McCoy Tyner live at Jazzclub Domizil Munich, Siegestrasse, Germany, 1973-07-18