Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCoy Tyner - Passion Dance

Recorded live on July 28, 1978. From the record label's website:
"McCoy Tyner gave an electrifying concert at the 1978 Live Under the Sky Festival in Tokyo. These recordings...present the virtuoso pianist at a peak of inspiration and a degree of keyboard perfection unusual even for him. Bookended by superb trio performances with bassist Ron Carter and drummer Tony Williams, the disc finds Tyner spinning out breathtaking unaccompanied solos on three of his most celebrated compositions. They include a definitive version of “Passion Dance” that lasts nearly twelve minutes and fairly explodes with energy, inspiration, and a moving allusion to his association with John Coltrane and “A Love Supreme.” When Tyner launches into the familiar introduction of “Song of the New World,” the audience explodes, too, in a moment of recognition and appreciation for one of the greatest of jazz pianists."
For an equally glowing but slightly less hyperbolic take on the record, here is what All Music has to say:
"Recorded live in Tokyo, the great pianist McCoy Tyner performs three of his best originals ("Passion Dance," "Search For Peace" and "Song Of The New World") plus two John Coltrane songs ("Moment's Notice" and "The Promise"). He takes three selections unaccompanied while "Moment's Notice" and "Song Of The New World" are with a trio including bassist Ron Carter and drummer Tony Williams. This LP...has plenty of fiery and passionate music..."

Three versions of Passion Dance, from Quartet, Passion Dance and The Real McCoy