Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back in the E.S.S.R.

An excerpt from the record label's website: "There is no internet. No mobile phones. No satellite TV. The only decent music station is over the border. Records you want cost 50 to 70. Your mother earns about 100 a month. This is the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. Life is good. 1966-1982. Maybe you were born too late or too far away to experience the Brezhnev Era, but, listening to these exciting little tracks, you hopefully still wonder, why the hell did they call it the Great Stagnation...Umblu (Records) founder Raul Saaremets spent the last winter in the vaults of Estonian Broadcasting Company, emerging with an armful of dusty reel-to-reels, some still sealed and stamped ages ago..." Fourteen tracks, some amazing, most pretty damn good, all interesting. My picks:

Pirita by Olli Ahvenlahti (great for David Axelrod fans)
Juhuslik tutvus by Uus Generatsioon (fusion/prog-sounding)
from Back in the E.S.S.R.