Monday, November 03, 2008

Kill Ugly Radio

On this momentous election day I have many feelings but nothing profound to say or add to the volumes already spoken and written.

By coincidence I had planned a post about a Zappa-related website for today and was once again reminded that there are no coincidences, just happy accidents...mental connections...subliminal synchronicity...dark sides of rainbows...

Kill Ugly Radio is
"...a community partly dedicated to Frank Zappa...non-profit and not in any way endorsed or connected with The Zappa Family Trust and/or The Zappa Family Trust and Dweezil Zappa have no formal or informal association and in no way condone or support our efforts to further enhance knowledge of and appreciation of the many and vast talents of Frank Zappa. Any content related to FZ is nothing more than a fan's efforts to broaden the knowledge and appreciation of the many works of Frank Zappa. As such, any Zappa related content exists solely as an educational tool to help achieve that goal. Lest ye forget: lawyers are the scum of the earth. You might want to remember that."
Strange language for a fan site, no? Well, not when you are dealing with the Zappa Family Trust...they've gone after tribute bands, fan web sites, hell, even!

All that aside, KUR is a terrific site. Intelligent posts, a lively community of readers, the latest and greatest FZ news, and a great editorial voice.

Dig Kill Ugly Radio and make some time to ponder today what Frank would have had to say about it all.