Thursday, November 06, 2008

Little Big Town - A Place to Land

In the spirit of coming together that this week engenders I'm going to take a hard right turn for the day...I don't really post much rock here any more and I all but never post country, especially contemporary stuff...

As a voting member of the Country Music Association I received the re-issued CD of Little Big Town's 2007 record A Place to Land (long story short: previous label was floundering, didn't adequately promote record, band signed with new label, re-issued record with 4 new tracks)...I worked briefly on a project involving the band last year so was familiar with them but the CMA mailing caused me to revisit the record...

The standard line on LBT is that they basically crib the SoCal sound of The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. Can't dispute that, but given that, like the Dude, I hate the Eagles, I guess I am a strange advocate for this band. But man...a strong 4 minute slice of country-rock is always in order....I have a few favorites, posted below. I am not going to post any of the four "bonus" songs but for those that don't know, one of them is a cover of Dream Academy's 1986 hit Life in a Northern Town...

I'll get back to normal tomorrow.

I'm With the Band
by Little Big Town - A Place To Land