Wednesday, November 05, 2008

McCoy Tyner: Two Mystery Shows

I have two live McCoy recordings from the 70s which I have been debating putting up. At issue with each is the date and location of the performances. If I had the energy and inclination I could probably nail down the year within a decent margin of error but you know how that goes! Maybe you will do that for me..?

I have nominal information for each, but here goes:

1978-03-30 Boston, MA: McCoy, like many jazz artists, played in Boston quite a bit throughout the 70s. There were several venues which hosted live jazz and the proximity of so many universities provided butts in seats...OK, so there is a date and a location you say? The problem is, unlike the other McCoy shows I have in my collection (and the others posted thus far), I can find multiple sources to confirm the show info. Can't with this one. Downloader beware...

197x Jazz Workshop Boston MA: See? I told you he played Boston a lot! Again, city makes sense...venue makes sense as McCoy was known to play at the Jazz Workshop quite often, perhaps annually or more. Beyond that,

1978-03-30 Boston, MA and 197x Jazz Workshop Boston MA